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SBLSC Statement on the One Year Anniversary of January 6th


January 6, 2022

Jazmine Bonner -

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus (SBLSC) released the following statement:

“Today, Americans across the nation join us – congressional staffers, Capitol complex workers, and Capitol Police officers – as, one year later, we reflect on the unprecedented attack on our nation’s Capitol by insurrectionists. January 6 will forever live in the historical record and history books, but it also remains a lived reality to those in our Capitol community. Let us never forget the bravery and resilience of those Capitol Police Officers and supporting agencies who protected staffers and Members of Congress as we witnessed one of the most traumatic attacks on our workplace. Further, we must not forget the tenacity and resilience of the employees of the Architect of the Capitol and Senate Sergeant at Arms who after that devastating day, returned to the Capitol building and worked tirelessly to clean up what was left behind after the tragedy.”

“As we bear witness to the gravity of our reality today, SBLSC will continue uplifting our community and providing staffers with space to reflect and heal from this heartbreaking day. Our commitment has been and will always be to provide our members with the resources they need to advance within the U.S. Senate, while maintaining our presence in discussions for our mental health, safety, and protection. SBLSC encourages its members, and all U.S. Senate staffers to refer to Senate Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for additional support and resources.”


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